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We offer flat rate shipping to ANYWHERE in Australia for $10

Now you do not need to be in Metro areas to experience the healing benefits of bone broth.

Delivery Time:

Order before 11am Mon – Fri and we will dispatch it the same day

QLD & NSW Metro Areas – usually receive the next business day

VIC Metro Areas – 1-3 business days

All other areas – as Australia Posts delivery schedule

I***** International Shipping Policy *****

  • Meadow & Marrow partners with DHL to provide our valued international customers with premium shipping
  • Contact us: When you place an international order, your order will be shipped by DHL, but the Meadow & Marrow Customer Support Team is happy to handle your customer service needs. Please contact us at any time at
  • International Shipping Rates:
    • International shipping fees are calculated at checkout
    • Packages will be delivered in 7 - 30 business days.  We cannot arrange shipping to alternate addresses in your country once your item has been shipped so if you will not be at the address listed on your order for up to 30 days we advise against ordering.
    • Weekend delivery is not available

International Shipping Customs, Duties & Taxes

  • International shipping rates cover shipping charges only. Please note that duties, taxes and carrier brokerage fees are not included in your order amount at checkout. Duties and taxes may be due to the parcel carrier upon delivery. These fees will be assessed by the parcel carrier, and must be paid by the order recipient.  We will not pay duties or taxes on your behalf, nor will we refund your purchase if you decide not to pay any duties owing.
  • Customs policies vary widely from country to country; please contact your local customs office for more information. When customs clearance procedures are required, it can cause delays beyond our original delivery estimates.
How do I store it?

Our Bone Broth Concentrates are shelf stable but do require you to store them in the fridge once opened. The cold temperature of the fridge also solidifies the broth somewhat which makes it easier to scoop out of the jar  – nutrients so thick they stick to the back of the spoon.

How long will it last?

Please check your jar for the recommended used by date sticker.  Once opened and if stored correctly (see below), used by date will remain valid.

How much should I consume?

For general wellness a good starting point is a cup a day, ideally first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.  Increase consumption at times when you feel as though your body has more to repair, heal or detox (for e.g after training, traveling  or a weekend of treats)

Those on a healing journey may find a cup with each meal beneficial to their treatment plan as many practitioners recommend consuming broth several times per day depending upon the severity of their symptoms.

Basically, you can’t ever have too much broth, so consume as much as you like, whenever you like.

How do I use it?

Just one teaspoon of Bone Broth Concentrate added to a cup of hot water will make a delicious cup of broth in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea.  But don’t stop there – our Concentrates are extremely versatile so there are endless possibilities when it comes to incorporating broth into your everyday diet.

Stir through mashed veg (great for fussy kids), sauces & marinades, smoothies and even your morning coffee.  And here’s an insider’s’ tip – add to your gravy mix for the best gravy you have ever tasted.

Is your broth dehydrated?

No – you will see nothing but thick, concentrated, unaltered broth in our jars.

How long are the bones cooked for?

To make the Concentrate we use a completely unique proprietary process that was formulated by continuously testing the finished product for the absolute maximum nutrient density possible.

It involves various cooking temperatures at specific times as well as other proprietary processes to purify and filter the bone broth to a point where the nutrients drawn out are so thick they literally stick to spoon.

What you see is only what is drawn out of the bones, herbs and spices to flavour and naturally evaporated sea salt to help preserve it.  No water, no vegetables or fillers to thicken it. Every super thick and sticky teaspoon is mother nature’s glue ready to be absorbed and go to work exactly where your body needs it!

* Please note – We NEVER dehydrate or de-structure our broth in anyway.

Where do you source your bones?

We take pride in sourcing only the best quality bones from the healthiest cattle we can find.

Our Bone Broths are proudly made from ONLY 100% Australian Grass Fed and finished cattle – from the beautiful Darling Downs Region.  All bones are also hormone and antibiotic free.

Meadow & Marrow Concentrate is the result of realising that as beneficial as even our own original bone broths were for our customers, we all live in is very different world to when bone broth was first created. We are now all dealing with a lot more environmental stresses, suffering (or have suffered) from a diet of inflammatory foods, mineral depletion in our soil from over farming and all whilst we juggling often overwhelming commitments and time restraints. We realised that for Bone Broth to truly be as effective as possible in the modern world we needed to create a modern day bone broth.1 – Maximum nutrient density / healing benefits2 – Convenience / Time saving3 – Enjoyable to consume on a regular basisWith Meadow & Marrow Concentrate it’s now possible to experience all the amazing benefits of most nutrient dense premium grass-fed beef bone broth possible but in just minutes. Simply add 1 teaspoon to a cup of hot water for instant, delicious and 100% REAL Bone Broth.

My delivery arrived damaged, what should I do?

It is always so disappointing when the courier is a little too rough with our fragile deliveries.  Please take an image of EACH broken item and forward to and include your name and order number.  All claims MUST be accompanied with an image to be evaluated for replacement and please note we may request for the items to be returned. Please note we will only honour claims that are made within 48 hours of receiving your order.

I received the wrong item, what should I do?

Please forward an image of your full order showing all jars received to Include your name and order number so that we can investigate and organise replacement plus collection of the item sent in error.